Kurulus Osman "Character" Kalanoz Who is he?

Kurulus Osman "Character" Kalanoz Who is he?

Kurulus Osman fans now are wondering who is Kalanoz? Here is the list of actors in Kurulus Osman series that continues in 2021. Who is the character of Kalanoz? Will the Kalanoz die?

Kurulus Osman series incredibly is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Turkey has made successful progress in the TV series industry more than ever in recent years. just look at the history of Turkish TV series, yes, there are really successful TV series, but they were coming rarely, now many TV series have started broadcasting outside from Turkey. 

Historical TV series were shot one after another and began to act as a mirror in Turkey's past. The Kurulus: Osman series stands out as one of these series. The series, which started its broadcasting life as Resurrection Ertuğrul and quickly caught a large audience, is expanding its audience capacity day by day with its new form, Osman. 

In the last episode, new opponents came to Osman Bey, one of them was Kalanoz, the question of who is the character of Kalanoz, which was asked by the audience, began to be asked. "Kurulus Osman "Character" Kalanoz Who is he?

Who is Kalanoz (Şevket Süha Tezel)?

While the Kurulus Osman series continued to increase its reputation day by day, everyone who took part in the series began to be wondered by the audience. Finally, we encountered the character of Kalanoz, the Byzantine commander who came to Osman Bey as a rival. Our audience began to wonder who this character was. Kalanoz, namely Şevket Süha Tezel, is not a stranger name to the screens when you look carefully. 

BKM took part in the theater sketches known as the kitchen, and with the success of the program, he also gained fame. The show was a show on comedy that we've never seen a famous actor in a role like this before. The 43-year-old actress was born in Istanbul and has a deep-rooted theater education. Although he did not play a role in a series in general, he managed to take a role as a supporting actor.

Kalanoz Character in Kurulus Osman

Commander Kalanoz was the brother of the Tekfur of Karacahisar. His date of birth is unknown, but he died in 1286/87. in a violent clash that happened at Ekizce (Domaniç Pass).

The great war after young Osman took Karachisar fortress in an overnight attack. Thus, in revenge, the Tekfur of the neighboring and far larger Karacahisar fortress sent his brother Commander Kalanoz with a massive army to defeat Osman and his Gazis.

But Osman learned of the ambush, and at the Domaniç Pass, he and his Gazis met with Kalanoz. Osman's brother Savci Bey was also martyred during the ferocious and brutal war which ensued (supposedly by Kalanoz).

In that clash, Kalanoz lost his life, buried where he died. He died there. Later on, the citizens called his grave – "iteşini" (loosely translated as a digging dog). (Aşıkpaşazade Tarihi, Tevarihi Al-i Osman.)

Who killed Savci Bey?

He was martyred in the battle at Ekizce (Domaniç Pass) during Kalanoz’s attacks. Many poems have been written dedicated to him on the occasion of his martyrdom. Savci Bey was Ertuğrul Gazi’s middle son, who was much loved and greatly respected. 

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