Jupiter’s Legacy "Season 2" Release Date Updated?

Jupiter’s Legacy "Season 2" Release Date Updated?

Jupiter’s Legacy season – or, as it’s styled onscreen season one has now arrived on Netflix, with viewers finally getting to watch the superheroic Sampson family drama on the small screen.

For fans of superhero entertainment, it really was a noteworthy year.

The legacy's Jupiter was a quite awaited fantasy series based on Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's comics.

All eight episodes came simultaneously on Netflix, and fans have already got to the final.

In the next few weeks before making a decision, Netflix will analyze the viewers' statistics.

Fans shared their thoughts already, someone saying on Twitter: "I only saw the first episode, but this weekend I'm excited to binge the other 7.

Has Netflix renewed Jupiter’s Legacy for season 2?

As of now, Netflix is yet to confirm whether Jupiter’s Legacy has been greenlit for a second season.

Interview with Deadline, Mark Millar revealed that the streamer hasn’t declared season 2 as a certainty:

It's probably too early to expect specific details about renewal, as Netflix will probably analyze the viewing data closely prior to examining whether the series needs more seasons.

The first season of  Jupiter’s Legacy predicts even more to come, but there is no doubt that in a second season it will go on.

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Release Date Updated?

As of now, It's been confirmed by Millarworld on Netflix, there will be season 2 of Jupiter's Legacy next year. 

But considering Netflix is yet to officially announce the release date of a second season, it’s difficult to say now when it could be.

If Jupiter’s Legacy is renewed in the next few months, then we can expect season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy could arrive as early as summer 2022.

Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix.
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