Ada is abandoned by the Rüzgar, which she believes is her first love. While Ada wants to reclaim Rüzgar on the path of happiness, but she confronts Bora. A challenging and romantic journey awaits Ada, who is stuck between her love and faith.

Baht Oyunu All Episodes in English Subtitles 

Baht Oyunu Storyline

Created and produced by Fatih Enes Omeroglu, ARC Film's new series will depict the narrative of a young girl who chases her first love. "It's a widespread notion; The one who pursues love can't catch it, he'll get captured! And the right guy is always met at the wrong place, at the wrong moment..." And is it like that always? The drama from Baht tells the audience about a young girl who thinks that she would be miserable forever if she cannot find happiness with her first love.

Once you think your money is black, beating the wealth is not simple. Ada (Cemre Baysel) is nevertheless on his way to put an end to this, putting the stick into the wheel of destiny... If you marry the first guy that you love, you are going to be able to reach bliss... What occurs is that Ada has been abandoned, and she feels that she is her first love by Ruzgar (nebi Taşkan). Bora (Aytaç şaşmaz) confronts her as Ada tries to win back Ruzgar on the road to happiness. Ada, trapped in love and religion, awaits a romantic and arduous trip.

Baht Oyunu – Episode 1 with English subtitles, enjoy watching.

Serial: Baht Oyunu Series in English Subtitles on Kayi Family TV

Title in English: LUCK GAME

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Actors: Aytac Sasmaz, Hande Subasi, Idris Nebi Taskan

Director: Fatih Enes Omeroglu

Duration: 117 minute

Quality: HD

Year: 2021