Fans of Turkish Historical Series are looking all around the world for the new series Barbaroslar of the upcoming episode 2 release date and time. Here we set the schedule of the episode’s release date and times online.

Barbaroslar Release Date | Coming Soon?

  • As of now, Its been officially confirmed by TRT1 recently dropped out the trailer of the Barbarosa TV series, We can expect that Barbarosa will be released online in 16th September 2021.

Yes, Turkish breakout star Engin is known as Ertugrul, is the leading role in Dirilis: Ertugrul who will be seen in another historic Barbarosa drama. According to the media source, Engin will play the main role of Hayrettin Pasha in the Barbarossa series.

Turkey is one of the top five series-exporting countries in the world, enthralling audiences from Latin America to Central Asia. Dozens of Turkish series are being followed by more than 500 million viewers in over 150 countries, according to Turkey's Culture Ministry. Resurrection: Ertugrul has attracted particular acclaim with viewers from over 70 countries.

Barbaroslar TV Series "Season 1" with English Subtitles 

Is Barbarossa Series happening?

  • Yes, season 1 of the Barbaroslar TV series will be released in September 2021. The beginning of Barbarosa is coming — we can expect that the first season will consist of more than 20 episodes, and the first episode of Barbarosa will be released on 16th September 2021.

Where can I watch Barbarosa in English subtitles?

The best place to watch Barbaroslar all episodes in English Subtitles on Netflix-Season, which provides the fans all Episodes free of Cost in High Resolution with Uptime and Reliability. Watch all episodes in English at Kayi Family Series and in Turkish at TRT1 Official YouTube Channel.