What personal data we collect and why


when a user makes a comment on the web, then the user has to fill a form, name, and email address to continue with the comment. So we collect data like IP address to support spam keep secure.


The choice of saving a name and email address to the future will be given to the user when the comment is left on our Site, so the user doesn't have to repeatedly complete the form. It is in fact for the user's convenience. Overall user experience can be enhanced by the cache. The data stored will be one year long.

we don’t allow anyone to sign-up/login into our site. so we don’t store such data.

Embedded content from other websites

Our website articles might include embedded content such as images and videos, etc. Such material is the same as a user visiting the website. These sites can therefore collect some form of site-related data.


Who we share your data with

We do not share purposely any data with any company, but we share data for best user experience to Google Analytics and other search engines.